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Paper Shredder Maintenance & Proper Usage

  • Regularly use shredder lubricant and oil to extend the life of your shredder motor and blades
  • Always be mindful of the maximum number of paper your shredder is designed to handle (the number of sheets is based on the standard 20lb paper)
  • Try to empty the bin before it becomes full - small pieces of paper may accumulate in the blades and cause more jams
  • Although, most shredders have safety triggers, always unplug the shredder before emptying the bin or clearing a paper jam to prevent accidents
  • Shredding paper at a moderate pace will allow the shredder to cool down and not overheat so frequently
  • Using shredder garbage bags will make emptying the bin easier and help reduce spillage of shredded paper
  • Use only clear/transparent bags if your shredder has a Bin Full sensor. Regular kitchen bags will cause sensor to not work properly.

Paper Shredder Troubleshooting

  • The paper shredder is jammed or jams frequently
    First unplug the shredder and make sure the waste bin is empty. Look inside the blades to see if there are blocked paper and manually pull the paper out. Run the shredder for 5 seconds on forward and reverse. To avoid jams, try to feed less paper than the maximum number of sheets that your shredder is designed for.

  • The shredder is not turning on
    One of the most common causes of the shredder not operating could be that the top unit is not placed over the bin on the correct side or the door is not completely shut tight. There is a safety trigger that must be engaged before the motor becomes operational.

  • Bin Open indicator is full when bin is not (applicable to models with this feature)
    1. Please make sure you are not using a white or non-transparent waste bag. If you are using a bag in the bin, please make sure it's made for shredders or clear/transparent. If it is a regular trash bag, the sensor will not work properly.
    2. One possible cause is that small paper particles are stuck in bin full sensor due to static. The last thing to try is to clean the sensors using dry cloth or compressed air. Retest the machine once it's cleaned.

  • The shredder stopped shredding suddenly
    It's possible the shredder has overheated and is temporarily shut down to cool off. Most shredders will need 20-30 minutes before it can be operational again.

  • The shredder runs continuously when the switch is on Auto
    This is usually caused by a jam of the auto start sensor in the paper entryway. Turn off and unplug the shredder first. Use a cotton swab in the paper entryway and glide it from one side to the other to clear any jams. Then plug the shredder and turn it back to Auto and run the motor forward and reverse for at least 5 seconds.

  • The motor will only run in reverse
    There could be a more serious jam that is preventing the motor to run forward. Unplug the unit and try to use a cotton swab to clear the paper entryway. You may also need to pull any blocked paper directly from the blades by checking the bottom of the shredder head unit. Then run the motor for 5 seconds on reverse and forward

  • The shredder is running, but the paper is not accepting
    If the motor is running, but the cutter blades are not shredding paper, it's possible the gears are worn out. Please contact us for repair work.

  • The shredder is becoming loud or sounding strange
    Try to using paper shredder lubricant and oil on a regular basis. See lubricating instructions..

  • Oil Your Shredder
    In order to maintain warranty coverage, proper shredder maintenance is recommended by all paper shredder manufacturers. The most effective way to maintain your shredder is to regularly apply SimplyShred Paper Shredder Oil and Lubricant or specifically designed shredder oil to a sheet of paper in a wide zigzag pattern across the whole paper and then turn on the shredder and run the oiled paper through the shredder. Office paper shredders under heavy usage will need to be oiled several times a week, while home shredders or one under normal use will only require to be oiled once or twice a month. (Please refer to the Daily usage of the manual for the frequency of oiling a shredder.) Another easy way to remember when to oil shredders is just to oil the machine every time you change the waste bag. With proper oiling and maintenance, a paper shredder can last for years.
    IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE WD40, petroleum based or aerosol lubricants! Only use non-flammable oil and lubricans. The blades run extremely hot and may cause fires.

  • The shredder displays "Bin Full" at half capacity

Please click on the following link to learn how to reset the bin full sensor.


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