paper shredders

Paper shredders come in handy for many different reasons.  The first, and most important, is privacy and protection.  However, there are many other reasons that people use paper shredders.  Getting rid of clutter and excess paper is an excellent example of why a paper shredder comes in handy.  Another great reason is to recycle any unwanted paper that you may have. You may be thinking “How can you possibly recycle paper that has been shredded to  small strips?”  Well the answer is very simple, by using the paper shreddings to your advantage. These five uses for a paper shredder are reason enough to start saving your paper shreddings.

1. Pet Beds-  The pet beds that you purchase in the store, don’t always last very long.  Most of them are simply fabrics covers over Styrofoam beads.  After awhile, the beads become flattened and therefore the bed is no longer comfortable for your pets.  When this happens, you could be stuck sharing your bed with some uninvited guests.  Instead of having sleepless nights, stuff the pet bed cover with your leftover paper shreddings.  They will provide a thick and comfortable bed for your pet without you losing yours.

2. Fire Starter- Do you enjoy going camping? Or even just sitting by a fire? Then use your paper shreddings to get the fire started quickly.It is safe and a cheaper alternative to purchasing the fire starting logs.

3. Packaging Material- We all have to mail packages at some point and everyone has experienced a box that was too big for the items it carried.  To protect the items from getting damaged while shipping, fill the empty space with paper shreddings.  They will not only fill up any unused space, but will also create a barrier from any unwanted damage.

4. Gift Bags-  Don’t waste your money on tissue paper, use the shreddings from your paper shredderinstead.  It is not only practical, but it gives your present a unique flair.

5. Compost- Add the paper shreddings to your compost to help your plants grow.  This is especially helpful for greens.

So the next time you shred all of your confidential documents, think twice before emptying the waste basket.  Those paper shreddings could definitely come in handy.