Air Mattress Buying Guide

You may wonder why some air beds on the market can vary so greatly in prices. You may have seen a queen size raised air bed selling for under $50 on or Walmart stores and some models that cost around $200. The main reason for this great difference in price stem from 4 key main factors.  

1) Material
There are a few different plastics that can be used to make air beds:

  • The cheapest being Vinyl, which is what the under-$50 air beds use. This is the least durable and most easily to stretch material. These beds will appear deflated after every night of sleep, not because it's losing air, but because the material will actually stretch under your weight.
  • The better material is PVC, which is more durable and will stretch less than vinyl.
  • The best material is Lamininated Polyester on PVC, which is stretch and puncture resisitant. This is the most durable material you can buy on the market. SimplySleeper is one of the only few brands on the market that offers this material. This material is almost twice as expensive as PVC and takes as long as 30 days more to produce. However, this air bed will last 5 times longer than a vinyl air bed. 

2) Gauge of Material
Besides the material used, the gauge or thickness of the material is important. A gauge of under 0.4mm is more likely to tear under the weight of an average adult. A higher gauge for each of the three material will help make the bed last longer, but a higher gauge for Vinyl and PVC doesn't mean it's more durable than a lower gauge Laminiated Polyester on PVC. 

3) Built-in Pumps
Air beds that are inexpensve will likely come with an external pump or no pump at all. When an air bed comes wtih a built-in (or integrated) pump, it is easier to use as you won't have to attach anything to it. SimplySleeper air beds all come with pumps that requires only a turn to inflate or deflate. Also  the pumps are factory sealed tight together with the bed so leaks are less likely to occur. 

4) Coil Design
The construction or pattern of the coil on top of the bed also can increase the durablility and comfort of the air bed. Most inexpensive beds have sparse or standard coils that do not require much production time. The less coils the bed has the less structurural integrity it has. This means that if you sit on the side of the air bed you will likely slip off right off. Also the coil can provide more chambers inside the bed which provides more support for your body.

When shopping for an air bed, pay close attention to these specifications and not just price alone and you will find the best bed for your needs.