paper shredder security levelspaper shredder security levelspaper shredder security levels

Paper shredders offer a specific level of security.  There are six different levels that provide a specific amount of security.  Some levels offer a lot of security, while others offer only the minimal security.  Making sure you have the level that best suits your needs is important for protecting yourself and your business.

Strip-cut shredders are the least secure and range from level 1 to level 3.  The level 1 strip-cut shredders will make strips of paper that are 12 mm by 40 mm.  This is ideal for people that do not have a lot of confidential documents and do not need a lot of protection.  The level 2 strips are 6 mm by 40 mm and the level 3 are 2 mm by 40 mm.  Although they are more secure then level 1, they are still not ideal for deeply sensitive material.

Cross-cut shredders are a great alternative for extra security protection.  They all come in security level four.  The shredder cuts the paper into shreds of paper that are 2 mm by 15 mm.  It is ideal for confidential documents and sensitive material.  Bills, employment documents, medical information and private correspondences should be shredded with a minimum of a level 4 security level shredder.

Finally, micro-cut shredders provide the best security and protection.  They come in two different security levels, 5 and 6.  The level 5 shredders cut shreds that are .8 mm by 12 mm and the level 6 are .8 mm by 4 mm.  This type of shredder is ideal for banking documents and other documents that contain private information such as social security numbers, banking information and license information.

Using the correct paper shredder for you needs will not only guarantee your protection, but will also give you the piece of mind that your information is not going to end up in the wrong hands.